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Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space (LADAD Space) is a 501(c)(3) arts non-profit dedicated to providing resources for established and emerging talent, to supporting local cultural community activities and events and to preserving and promoting the Arts District as a true creative community.


LADADSpace is committed to the idea that by creating new venues for the arts, the Arts District will become a significant cultural destination, creating opportunities for young artists to find new audiences and thereby preserve the synergy, vitality and creativity that gave the Arts District  its name.

The era when lofts were available for as little as 25-cents a square foot is long gone.

It was the synergy of so many artists living in close proximity in a few dozen square blocks of downtown Los Angeles that created an explosion of arts activity felt the world over.”

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What Makes Us Special?


LADADSpace provides an incubator space for emerging and established artists to engage in cross-disciplinary work.


We forge creative relationships across a multitude of cultural boundaries, providing a springboard for intercultural exchange.  We build, enhance, and synergize relationships with artists and organizations inside the Arts District and with artists and organizations in neighboring communities.


We also work to create space for artists and arts organizations to meet, create, and present their artistic work, helping to preserve and enhance Los Angeles’ leading role in the creation of American art and culture.

What We Do

Since 2004 we have provided infrastructure and support for artists by offering mini-grants to local arts organizations and individual artists whose theater productions, art exhibits, projects and workshops enrich the local and regional arts community. The Arts District is one of the most filmed locations in the world and LADADSpace facilitates the relationship between the production companies, city officials, and community members ensuring that the Arts District remains a renewable resource for filming. LADADSpace also serves on the Board for the Downtown Cultural Stakeholders Group.

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