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Letter from the President

Dear Friend of the Arts District,

For more than a decade the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space (LADAD Space) has demonstrated what can happen when we come together to support the arts in our community.  We have awarded grants for emerging artists, featured brilliant works by local artists in our District Gallery and supported ground-breaking theater in non-traditional spaces.

Over the next fiscal year, we will develop ways for people to get involved in supporting the arts in our community. We will do it through encouraging local cultural events, informal conversations and planning workshops here in the Arts District.  We will do it by listening to your ideas to create an artistic home that we can all belong to and be proud of.

ladadspace la

If you’ve ever been inspired or surprised by our work, if you have ever been delighted by seeing the works of a featured artist in our pop up art exhibits or been moved by the performances of local actors and playwrights we have brought to life, then you know that first-rate arts activities are possible through community collaboration.


As cultural Development and gentrification impacts and changes the Arts District, artists must remain integral to the community. Your contribution ensures that we continue supports the evolution and livelihood of local artists as part of a healthy arts ecology. Join us in our mission to promote LA artists as downtown Los Angeles emerges as a 21st Century world capital of the arts. Please support LADADSpace and the Arts in our community with your contribution. We need your help today.


Thank you,


Timothy Keating, Board President

Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space


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