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Filming Conditions


As Adopted by the Los Angeles City Council: 4/29/09 Council File 09-0631

The film conditions described below are included in the terms and conditions of permits issued for filming in the Arts District and are in addition to the standard terms and conditions applicable to filming permits generally. While these Special Filming Conditions will be included as terms if a permit for filming in this area is issued, they are not intended to, and do not, establish the criteria or standards for determining whether or not a particular permit(s) will be issued for this area. The decision whether or not a particular permit(s) will be issued is vested in the discretion of the appropriate City or County department or their designees (including FilmL.A.,) to be exercised consistent with public health, safety and general welfare, and applicable land-use ordinances.

The Arts District is a mixed-use area that includes manufacturing facilities, warehouses, artists/artisans and residents. These special conditions apply to the area roughly between 1st Street and 7th Street and between Alameda Avenue and the LA River. Within the past ten years, this area has experienced an influx of permanent residents into what was predominantly a light to heavy manufacturing zone for over 75 years.

The motion picture industry has amicably co-existed with the businesses and residents of this area for decades and desires to continue to do so. These conditions are designed to promote cooperation between film companies, local businesses and residents so that each group can effectively utilize this diverse area. Violation of any of the conditions as outlined below may result in permit revocation or other administrative action.

• Affected residents/merchants and businesses must be notified at least two days in advance of the first day of filming or the first day of any substantial set preparation for productions that:

o Request parking restrictions on the following public streets: Traction Avenue, East 2nd Street (except Alameda Street to Garey Street), East 3rd Street, Vignes Street, Molino Street (Palmetto Street to 4th Street only)

o Request a street closure

o Involve any special effects, gunfire, audible playback, helicopter activity, or other disruptive activities

o FilmL.A. or the production company shall consult a designated community representative when an applicant requests a permit with less than two days notice under the above circumstances

• Posting on more than one side of Traction Avenue, East 2nd Street (except Alameda to Garey), East 3rd Street (except Vignes to Santa Fe), Vignes Street, Molino from 4th Street to Palmetto, Hewitt from Palmetto to 4th Street, 4th Street from Colyton to Molino requires a notification to a designated person in the building where alternate parking is not provided. Posting on both sides of the above streets is allowed without signatures on Sundays.

• When “No Parking” signs are posted on both sides of Hewitt between 4th Street and Traction Avenue, Art Share (213-687-4278) and Bedlam (213-909-1512) must be notified.

• Posting for equipment and/or picture, other than the streets listed above, will be reviewed on a street by street basis and may not exceed 450 linear feet. Additional posting may be granted if there is a majority of support from affected residents/businesses/merchants, and indicated on the permit. After filming is completed, companies are requested, as a courtesy (only LADOT is to touch the posting signs), to turn all “No Parking” signs around so that they face the opposite direction.

• Companies must provide adequate detour and directional signage when street closures are in place, conforming as much as possible to current LADOT standards and practices. Detour routes must accommodate large, semi and tractor trailer trucks.

• The Arts District is home to many art gallery openings and live, local theater. When the following locations are directly impacted, notification is required if in conflict with a scheduled event at the Downtown Playhouse (929 E. 2nd Street 213-626-6909) and Art Share LA (801 E. 4th Place 213-687-4278).

• Productions filming near residential buildings after midnight or before 6:00am are required to notify designated representatives of the proposed activity. Contact information for building representatives will be made available on request from the community filming liaison (Jonathan Jerald 213-814-7164).

• Crew with walkie-talkies must wear headsets when filming after 12:00 am and before 6:00 am.

• Changeable Message Signs (CMS) will be required on the day(s) of filming activity that requires a full closure on the 1st, 4th and 6th Street Bridges. CalTrans/LADOT approved notification signs are sufficient and must be in place in advance of filming activity and must include the dates and times of closures.

• Cast/Crew is not permitted to park on the area streets. Off-street parking must be provided for personal vehicles.

• Generators are to be placed as far away from residential buildings as possible. Placement will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

• Production companies are required to completely remove all trash, food, cardboard boxes, etc. from the general vicinity at the end of each filming day. Production companies will be held responsible for the actions of the catering companies they employ to provide food for the cast and crew.

• Food should not be given directly to the homeless persons in the area. Production companies wishing to help the homeless should do so though one of the service providers in the downtown area.

• FilmL.A will monitor frequency and look for ways to mitigate the impacts of filming prior to placing a location off limits.

• Unless a signature survey is completed, the west side of Mateo Street between 4th Place and Palmetto Street must be kept clear of equipment, vehicles, condors and lights. This area, however, may be used for camera placement between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm only.

• When filming takes place after 10:00 pm or before 7:00 am, generators are to be placed as far as possible away from residential buildings and lights are to be screened to avoid disturbing nearby residents.

• The Molino Loft buildings (500 and 530 Molino Street) and Marc Free should be notified (310-871-2652) for filming activity or parking restrictions along 4th Place between Molino and Mateo [the curve]. • Due to the mixed use nature of the neighborhood, productions wishing to utilize space along the west side of Santa Fe Ave. between 2nd and 3rd Streets and the north side of 3rd Street from Santa Fe Avenue to west 100 feet must obtain a signature from Valerie Mitchell or designated representative (213-687-3987).

• Frequent filming in the area of Vignes and 2nd Streets along with the high demand for parking in the area requires that posted “No Parking” on Vignes Street between 1st Street and 2nd Street shall be limited to no more than 200 feet, unless alternate parking or notification are provided to a designated representative from the building.

• The area near 3rd and Traction Avenue is home to many small businesses that have greatly helped to develop the area. In order to be sensitive to these businesses it is necessary for production companies to obtain signatures from the following businesses when there are filming activities or parking on the 700 block of 3rd Street between Traction Avenue and Hewitt Street: Zip Fusion- Jason Ha (744 E. 3rd Street, 213-680-3770); Lakich Studio-Lily Lakich (704 Traction Avenue, 213-620-8641); The Pie Hole (714 Traction Avenue, 213-537 0115); Wurstkuche Sausage Grill- Joseph Pitruzzellii (800 E 3rd St, 213-667-4444); General Store:  818 723 0668*

• Outdoor food preparation using charcoal or gas grills must be at least 100 feet away from any residential building.

Please check with Arts District Film Liaison Jonathan Jerald at 213 814 7164 for a complete, updated list of contacts in the Arts District.

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