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2016 Has Been Our Best Year Yet!

2016 is turning into a fantastic year for LADAD Space. Here are a few of our most recent highlights and exciting things on the horizon.

Padua Playwrights Writing Workshop is Underway!

We are thrilled to continue supporting the Padua Playwriting Workshop! The workshop takes an intellectual, non-careerist approach and runs like a painting studio in which work is generated during weekly sessions (rather than written elsewhere). Padua has a long history of refining some of the region’s most distinctive voices, including John Steppling, Kelly Stuart, Marlane Meyers, Sharon Yablon, and Wesley Walker. Padua Playwrights director and LADADSpace Board member Guy Zimmerman presented his play The Royal at the Great Scott theater at the Met in Los Angeles in February 2016. The Padua Playwriting Workshop held a recent reading of their ongoing work at the Losjocos Gallery in March 2016.


Kent Twitchell Re-paints the Mural Portrait of Ed Ruscha this Summer!

In 2006, Twitchell’s original 70-foot-tall “Ed Ruscha Monument,” on a building at 1031 S. Hill St., was whitewashed in error by a work crew renovating the structure for a YWCA Job Corps Center. The new portrait will be updated, showing an appropriately aged Ruscha and installed on the north-facing side of the American Hotel in the Art District this fall. The mural is sponsored by the All City Mural Endeavor (ACME) a project of Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space (LADAD Space).

Revitalizing Arts begins in June!

With grant assistance from the Davis Projects for Peace, Swarthmore College Student Kelly Hernandez will join us this summer to launch Revitalizing Arts; Social-Justice Education. An offshoot of LADADSpace’s At Risk Youth Arts Program, Revitalizing Arts works with low income youth facing a conviction for a first-offense who also demonstrate an interest in the arts. Participants of this 12-week arts “boot camp,” will have their record expunged upon completion of the program that includes supervision by an art instructor; an art education and social justice curriculum; trips to Los Angeles art institutions and a pairing with a mentor artist to develop artwork that will be assembled for a portfolio and shown in an LA County Courthouse exhibit. Revitalizing Arts provides an exploration of the intersection of social justice and art making while providing skill building opportunities and assistance with future internships, higher education, or job placement. Revitalizing Arts launches June 25, 2021 and will run through September 10, 2016 with a culminating student exhibit in September.

The Arts District Center for the Arts (ADCA) & Urban Legends!

The Arts District Center for the Arts (ADCA,) featuring a gallery, theater and screening room, will open at the southern tip of One Santa Fe. We are busy developing funding for the long-term growth of the ADCA and in creating and supporting progressive arts programming as part of our commitment to keep the arts in the Arts District and support artists in our neighboring communities. We cannot complete the build out without help from our friends, however. That’s why we are asking you to support us now by clicking on

We are pleased to announce the launch of ADCA programming with Hearsay: Artists Reveal Urban Legends with a grant from the Department of Cultural Affairs! Hearsay includes over thirty-five artists who have created artwork based on an urban legend with special significance to them. Each work will be accompanied by text explaining the artist’s personal connection to their chosen urban legend. Artists include: Llyn Foulkes, Naida Osline, Victoria Reynolds, Jim Shaw, Jeffrey Vallance, Marnie Weber, Chris Wilder, and Robert Williams. The exhibition will incorporate a wide range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography and video, in order to capture the essence of each urban legend.

More to come and we are excited to have you on this journey with us!



Timothy Keating, Board President

Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space

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