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The Year in Review 2014

The long-term hopes and dreams of our community arts non-profit, Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space, will soon be realized. The Arts District Center for the Arts, featuring a gallery, theater and screening room, will open in 2015 at the southern tip of One Santa Fe.  In the meantime, we have been busy developing funding for the long-term growth of the ADCA and in creating and supporting future and current progressive arts programming as part of our commitment to keep the arts in the Arts District.  Among our efforts:

Mural Program

We are working with the Los Angeles County District Attorney on a murals program that employs at-risk youth who have demonstrated an interest in art.  They are apprenticed to muralists and they receive basic training in skills and art appreciation.   That project will also produce new murals throughout the community.

Padua Playwrights

We are supporting Padua Playwrights’ latest writing workshop that will culminate in public performances of new work from one of the most distinguished theater writing programs in the country.

Affordable Artist Housing

We are working with the Actor’s Fund and the City’s Department of Cultural Affairs to develop affordable housing for artists.  We recently sponsored workshops in the community designed to help artists qualify for 88 units at One Santa Fe and 55 units on Grand St.   Some of the artists we qualified have already moved in to their new residences.

Uncommon Ground 4

In September, we sponsored Uncommon Ground 4, the most recent planning workshop for the Arts District at which architects, city planners, property owners, developers and other stakeholders continued a dialog begun at the first Uncommon Ground almost a decade ago.  This workshop focused on cultural mapping, striving to create a cultural master plan to preserve the Arts District as a vigorous and vital incubator for the arts.

ADCA & Paul McCarthy

Finally, we are pleased to announce the ADCA will open next spring with a large installation by Paul McCarthy that will undoubtedly attract international attention to the Arts District.   You will receive an invitation to the opening.

NEA Grant

We are also proud to announce the ADCA is the recipient of an NEA grant.  We cannot achieve everything we hope for without a little help from our friends, however.  That’s why we are asking you to support us now by clicking on



Timothy Keating, Board President

Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space


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