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ACME (all-city mural endeavor)

ACME (all-city mural endeavor)

LADADSpace is spearheading the ACME (all-city mural endeavor), dedicated to the creation of murals in downtown Los Angeles. ACME seeks to cultivate the perception of the city’s walls as a massive gallery featuring diverse work by local artists and muralists from around the world. ACME works to:

  • photo-5Insure muralists are compensated for their work
  • Opportunities for new works are made available for both emerging local artists and established artists of international stature (ACME has created a residency for visiting artists)
  • Insure the concerns of property owners and the letter and spirit of the mural city ordinance are respected
  • Pair at-risk youth (particularly those convicted of tagging or graffiti offenses) with established artists as apprentices

We are using our long-standing relationships with local property owners in the neighborhood to organize the addition of 23 new murals in the neighborhood.

What artists would you love to see?

Submit your vision for a mural (send us a sketch or tell us what artists can’t be left out using the form below!

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