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District Gallery Exhibitions

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.48.08 AMSince opening its doors in 2012, the District Gallery has exhibited contemporary works by artist-residents of the downtown Arts District and greater urban Los Angeles.

Installations have included environmental sculpture by David Hollen, a show of urban landscape woodcuts by William Acedo; an exclusive installation by Matt Aston presenting the artist as an 80’s action movie star hero featured in movie posters and trailers; Richard Kessler’s rich, rotting, sun-drenched, post-apocalyptic visions of LA; Iva Hladis’ delicate drawings inspired by archival photos of classic Los Angeles; and Stephen Seemayer’s sixty-two mixed media works interpreting  Occupy LA, the two-month encampment at City Hall in downtown Los Angeles. 2015 highlights includ 50 years of Carlton Davis‘ work, an augmented reality sculpture show by Zenka (Jenny Carden), tech nostalgia paintings by Catherine Kaleel and a group show of plein air paintings of the Arts District and Little Tokyo.

While the brick and mortar District Gallery has closed you can learn about our pop up shows happening throughout downtown Los Angeles!

For more information regarding our previous District Gallery exhibits and upcoming pop up exhibits please visit


ACME (all-city mural endeavor)

LADADSpace is spearheading the ACME (all-city mural endeavor), dedicated to the creation of murals throughout downtown Los Angeles.  ACME promotes public space in urban Los Angeles as a massive gallery, supporting multicultural mural work and drawing on artistic traditions and values across the cultural spectrum of Los Angeles. ACME makes sure that:

  • Muralists are appropriately compensated for their work
  • Artists of international stature are drawn to projects in urban Los Angeles
  • Opportunities are created for emerging and local artists
  • That the concerns of property owners and the letter and spirit of the mural city ordinance are respected
  • Artists are supported through residencies and commissions
  • At-risk youth charged with tagging offenses are given opportunities to re-direct their creative energies by being paired with muralists as apprentices

Tell us what artists can’t be left out!


Padua Playwrights Playwriting Workshop 

Continuing a tradition of writing for the stage that traveled to Southern California with Sam Shepard, Murray Mednick and Maria Irene Fornes of the Padua Hills Playwrights Workshop in the late 1970s, the Padua workshop is geared toward the cultivation of each writer’s distinctive poetic voice shaped to meet the unique demands of the stage. Run like a painting studio in which work is generated during weekly sessions (rather than written elsewhere), the workshop has a long history of refining some of the region’s most distinctive voices, including John Steppling, Kelly Stuart, Marlane Meyers, Sharon Yablon, Guy Zimmerman and Wesley Walker.


Affordable Housing Workshops

The systems for obtaining this affordable housing can be difficult to understand and navigate. LADADSpace works in partnership with such organizations as the Department of Cultural AffairsThe Actors Fund, and ArtShare, engaging in education and outreach related to immediate affordable housing opportunities in LA’s Arts District and Downtown, helping to create a replicable strategy for other Los Angeles neighborhoods and beyond. If you are an artist interested in and upcoming workshop or in applying for Affordable Housing please go to


Community Planning Workshops – Uncommon Ground

We collaborate with such community organizations as the Los Angeles River and Business Association (LARABA,) and the Historical Cultural Neighborhood Council (HCNC) to sponsor Uncommon Ground; a series of community planning workshops. Since 2005 Uncommon Ground has brought together Arts District stakeholders; property owners, developers, residents, arts organizations, local business owners, and employees to develop strategies for future development that encourage the preservation of the century-old industrial structures in the community, develop public green space and parks and create guidelines for new development.

Tell us your vision. Read about past Uncommon Ground Workshops.


Read about LADADSpace’s vision and our decade of history.

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