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Zenka Publishes 75 Virtual Reality App Ideas

Zenka Publishes 75 AR/VR Free App Ideas For Content Creators

(Los Angeles) Augmented reality and virtual reality hardware is heading into the consumer market at warp speed now, but will there be great content to keep the hype afloat?

Los Angeles based artist, Zenka (, decided to publish a free book with 75 AR/VR app ideas to support developers looking for ways to capitalize upon this game changing technology.

Some of the ideas mix real life experiences in nature with the surreal possibilities of stunning VR eye candy.  In the book, Zenka proposes several eco virtual reality theme park scenarios such as a complex labyrinth of decadent topiary mazes which can be installed in any field, a desert play land with mirages created by artists from around the world, and zoo’s stocked with extinct animals.

Other ideas are more practical such as an app which lets you practice your speeches in front of a fake crowd of any size and setting and a app that lets you find out when your bags come out of the airport carousel from the comfort of a bench. Solutions are presented for live movie translations and even modern drive-thru movie theaters.

Some of the more whimsical ideas include an app to help you doodle on clouds, and a way to practice sword throwing and juggling without all the mess.

A bulk of the ideas are so simple they could be programmed in a game jam setting, others require a larger team to execute. All of the ideas come with suggestions of what companies could fund the development.

The book is tiny - and according to the humerus title “Zenka’s Toilet Reader: 75 VR/AR App Ideas to Fuel the Revolution”, was designed to flip through piece by piece while in the bathroom or waiting in a supermarket line.  The book includes an augmented reality cover powered by the free Augment App (

The book debuted at the SoCal VR Conference and Expo ( and is currently available as a free download by visiting


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