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Portrait of The Arts District

A portrait of artist and President of LADADspace, Tim Keating is one of  the 200 plus images of Arts District stakeholders, iconic structures and the unique artifacts and guerilla art works around the community shot by Arts District photographer Debora Deibler for the LADADSPACE website. She is shooting additional images to complement that project and […]

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Seven From Heaven

The German artist Peter Vannoni is preparing a major installation for Los Angeles that will culminate, late next year, with seven 120-foot tall angelic figures suspended above the Los Angeles skyline (see attached)  This is a work that will create an instant iconic image of the heart of urban L.A. that will be seen worldwide.  […]

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The Furies

Early in 2009 cinematographer Scott Galinsky offered his friend and former teacher, Jeffrey Atherton, a half-hour of 35 mm film (with processing) and three days with a film crew, to use as he saw fit. Jeff used these resources to recreate on color film a set of still photographs he had shot in 2008 based […]

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