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Exiles on Main Street

The LADADSpace Arts District Center for the Arts prepares for Exiles on Main Street. an exhibition of contemporary Native American artworks

cara romero

LADADSpace is in early collaborations with Native artists and organizations preparing for an exhibition of Native American art informed by the artists’ cultural heritage and their experience living in large urban centers.This exhibit entitled Exiles on Main Street seeks to inject contemporary Native American art into the burgeoning LA art scene and aims to attract youthful and diverse audiences to works that are challenging, socially conscious and expertly executed. “We hope that the artwork to be featured will form a narrative that will broaden and deepen popular perceptions of American Indians and illuminate a large but often invisible segment of urban American society,” says LADADSpace Board Member and project director Jonathan Jerald. “The inventive and original work of these artists illustrates the cultural and existential dilemma of American Indians as it is manifested in the individual life experience of the artists,” he adds.  Stay tuned as the project progresses!

Craig George

By Artist Craig George

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