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Surreal Rafael Serrano – Opening June 31st @ District Gallery

Rafael Serrano – Surreal Serrano – New Works

June 31st 2014 – September 7th 2014

Artists Reception Thurs July 31st 7-10pm  | More Info

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Rafael Serrano’s work is inspired by the magic realism of Latin American authors, the mixed-media works of Max Ernst, the photo experiments of Man Ray and by the films of Luis Bunuel.  It is no surprise, then, that the Cuban-born artist describes himself as a neo-surrealist.  Indeed, many of Serrano’s works look like they would fit just as easily into a 30’s Paris salon as they do, strangely, in 20-something LA where and when, thankfully, anything goes.

In his show opening July 31st at District Gallery, the various themes and threads of his past work combine gracefully in new paintings and mixed-media works that beg the question, is his work grounded in the past or the beginning of something new?

“His recent paintings are like a series of personal conversations, colorful, unique painting/collage and similar in their presentation, unlike Serrano’s paintings from the ‘80s, which were life-size, grand canvases that reached to the ceiling or his photography of stylized miniatures that looked like mysterious landscapes, places he wished he could visit. He stayed in Los Angeles, built a name for himself.

“He was ahead of his time,” says art curator Robert Berman of Serrano’s set pieces and photography. “He was working at an interesting place, doing work that spoke to a lot of people, and is still influencing them today.”  
Excerpted from The Art of The Comeback: Highland Park artist seeks a return to the spotlight by Nathan Solis, the eastsider, May 24, 2013

For more information contact Jonathan Jerald 213-814-7164

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