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A Look Into Downtown Los Angeles’ Art Boom

By Michelle Mills, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Downtown Los Angeles has been a hub of creativity for decades, but only more recently has it become a destination for art lovers. In addition to institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Grammy Museum, clusters of galleries have sprouted in the area.

And the area is getting even more crowded with the One Santa Fe project, a mixed-housing complex with a public art space opening in September in the Arts District. The Los Angeles Downtown Arts District has just signed a lease at the complex to create the Arts District Center for the Arts, a space with a gallery, theater and studio. The venue is set to open in March with an installation by Paul McCarthy.

“The geographical spread of Los Angeles is very intimidating for a lot of people. If you’re not willing to travel and hunt things out, you’re going to be very disappointed,” said art writer Mario Muller, who maintains the art blog Truffle Hunting.

For the past nine years, Muller has seen the L.A. art scene explode, so much so he said even New York is buzzing about it. People are now recognizing that not only are there creative people in L.A., but art commerce as well, Muller said.

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