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Bill & Joan

by Jon Bastian

directed by Diana Wyenn

JAN 24 – MARCH 1, 2014

Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm
plus Thursdays, Feb. 6 & 13 @ 8pm

Tickets: $20

Reservations: (310) 281-8337 or Buy Tickets Online

Friday, Jan. 31: Pay What You Can (see below)

WORLD PREMIERE!  Inspired by the conflicting accounts of what truly happened in 1951 when William S. Burroughs shot his wife Joan…

1951. Mexico City. Writer William S. Burroughs awakes to find himself in jail, being questioned about the shooting of his wife Joan Vollmer. Their drunken game of “William Tell” went horribly wrong, and now the Mexican detectives are probing Burroughs’ heroin-hazed, tortured mind for the truth. Filled with Burroughs’ hallmark vulgarity, voracious wit and provocative characters, Jon Bastian’s Bill & Joan is a phantasmagorical journey in search of what truly happened on that night when a speed freak and a junkie walked into a metaphorical bar, but only one walked out.

Warning: This production contains the use of live gunfire, nudity, profanity, strong sexual references and disturbing content.

Friday, Jan. 31: DONATE WHAT YOU CAN. It’s “Pay What You Can” with a twist! Half of all proceeds for this performance will be donated to the Los Angeles Youth NetworkTickets that night may only be purchased at the door. Call (310) 281-8337 to make a reservation.


villonVillon, the latest work by the award-winning, visionary playwright and director Murray Mednick, celebrates the life of the greatest French poet, Francois Villon. Following the poet and his gang of cutthroats through the treacherous landscape of 15th century France, Mednick brings his unique sensibility to their hair-raising and often hilarious exploits. The story brings Villon into the court of Louis the XIV where, under threat of execution, he wins the favor of the king and vows to spend the rest of his life composing verses in a monastery. Is Villon speaking the truth, or simply saying what he must to avoid the guillotine? Come learn for yourself when Villon opens at the Odyssey Theater on February 15th, 2014, 8 pm.

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